AMILADO - manufacturer of world-class medical bags


Why the highway in the background? Because the highway started and if it was not for her, there would be no AMILADO.
We have been joined by three things: willingness to help others, love to do something well or not at all, and a highway.
During the conversation about the advantages of a joint flat near the highway, the idea of joining forces was born, that is, experience in the field of medical rescue and passion for sewing.
And the Polish manufacturer of medical bags was created.

We create products perfectly made of high quality materials, but above all functional.
Sewing we think about the fact that thanks to our products we help save human health and life.

Inspiration for the creation of the logo was born out of love for the hometown, culture and creativity of Łódź artists.
Our intention was that the Łódź accents would be reflected in the colors, fonts and logotypes of the company and also on our website.


in Spanish language means - "with you "

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